01 February 2013

Light Posting

For the rest of the month of February I expect to be generally busy and far away from civilian internet access.

It is funny, when you think about it, every post a blogger writes could be the last one.  It would be ironic if my last post was "Light Posting."  I do plan to get back into the swing of things in March, so if that doesn't happen feel free to assume the worst.


Shy Wolf said...

May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus give His angels charge concerning you, show you favor and bring you safely home to your loved ones.
God bless, Cap'n.

droneboy said...

Good liuck.

LT Prepper said...

Fare well, return safely.

amphibspook said...

Be safe. God Bless. I'll just spend the rest of Feb re-reading your archives.