18 January 2013

Why the Right cannot morally compromise

Lately leftist pundits have screamed loud and clear about "obstructionist" Republicans in Congress and have openly supported Harry Reid in getting the rules changed to allow Senate Democrats to run roughshod over the Republican minority.

The reason that this country is on a Leftist slide, and has been since before I was born, is that every time the Right compromises with the Left, they in essence have to move left.  The TEA party isn't radical by any stretch of the imagination, the TEA party would look like a normal political movement to either the Democrats or Republicans prior to FDR.

The radical political parties in America have always been the Communists and Socialists.  As the Democrats compromised with them (or openly colluded with and welcomed into the ranks) the Democrats went further left.

Instead of "sticking up for the little guy" the Democrats are now about "punishing the successful."  Take a look at cities and states where Democrats have successfully waged their class warfare on the successful, and spread the misery around.  By spreading the misery and then lying to the gullible about "being on your side, we just really need to take a little more away from all those rich guys that left our area and decreased our tax base, it isn't YOUR fault that you are lazy and selfish, those rich guys made you that way, it is THEIR fault!" they have consolidated their power in the urban centers.

So the slide to the left has been gradual.  The only difference in how quickly we slide down the slope is how far left we lean on the snowboard to speed up.  As anyone who has studied physics or ballistics, gravity is a constant acceleration, so as time goes on, things speed up.  The faster something is going, the more spectacular the crash.

So, the only moral move for Republicans is to stop the Democrats at every turn. The only moral move is to filibuster, and fight.  I can understand compromising with one evil so you don't get eaten by another.  But just because you have a common enemy doesn't make you friends.  Sooner or later, a compromise with evil will turn around and bite you in the ass. If you look at what we did as a nation in WWII, it all makes sense.  The Cold War that followed WWII was set up by compromising with one evil over another, which led to Vietnam, which led to Desert Storm.  History is linear, and cause and effect is relatively easy to see in hindsight.

So I am not interested in "compromise" with whatever "common sense" bullshit the talking heads are spewing in order to justify the restriction of freedoms and the trampling of human rights.


Anonymous said...

Republicans = Democrats. They only argue about who is going to expand government more. Patriot Act, DHS, NDAA, wireless wiretaps, kill lists ...
Republicans aren't going to do anything except expand Leviathan, they are part of the problem. I'm not interested in supporting either.

AM said...

Republicans now = Democrats of 50 years ago.

Democrats now = Fascist Communists and Socialists.

RegT said...

Anyone who is not interested in compromise needs to drop their NRA membership. They are as bad as the Republicans about compromising our rights away.

GOA, Second Amendment Foundation and JPFO are the worth while organizations to belong to. The NRA only knows how to give up our rights - piecemeal, little by little, perhaps, but nonetheless they keep compromising with the Left.

Ask them and they will tell you "That is how the game is played here in D.C." THat is true - if you want to play their game, D.C.'s game. If you want them to stop compromising, to keep your rights intact, tell NRA to stop.

Just understand that they won't listen until enough of us have dumped the NRA. They won't stop until that happens.

Anonymous said...

AM at 1:16, I disagree. Republicans are not Dems of 50 years ago. Bush, with nearly unanimous support of Congress signed the Patriot Act and threw us into 2 wars. Republicans in Congress do NOTHING about a president killing innocent 16 year old American citizens. Do nothing about VIPR teams stopping people in bus & train stations and on the highway. Argue about how much the planned increases in the budget should be decreased, but still increasing the deficit. Support Hurricane Sandy funding which I can find no authorization for in the Constitution. Republicans are Statist power hungry elitists that are driving this country into a dark pit just like the Democrats.

AM said...

Anonymous, you must not know much history.

JFK without any significant resistance from Congress got us into Vietnam.

Then they passed GCA 68 under Johnson.

So really, please explain how the Republicans now don't resemble the Democrats then. Hell, the closest thing we have to a Barry Goldwater is Ron Paul....

Anonymous said...

There is always talk of compromise, or rather the lack of it, for the past decade.

In politics, very often, there can be NO compromise. If you are diving funds for competing projects and you agree to cut back a little funding on project A for more funding on a more important project B, fine. That is the time for compromise.

However, one does not compromise core principles ever. It just isn't acceptable. If you believe in something strongly enough, such as the Bill of Rights, there can be no "crossing the aisle" to compromise.

Can a Christian and a Muslim compromise what they believe. OK, Mohammed was cool, but Jesus was really "the dude" and the "real" savior? No. Sometimes, such as in the case of religious beliefs, there cannot be a compromise.

Either Jesus rose from the dead or He didn't. There isn't a yes He did, on odd years and no He didn't on even years. It's one or the other, forever.

The Bill of Rights is the same. Either "The People" have the right to keep and bear arms or they don't. Heller vs. US decided that it is an individual right. Political winds cannot change what is a fundamental Right. EVER.

Any politician who compromises a core tenet of our nation is not only unworthy of my vote, but is committing treason. Period.