16 January 2013

New York gun control laws

Everything that Senator Feinstein wanted for America has been signed into law in the state of New York.  And the people of New York will not see any reduction in crime, only a reduction in freedom.

The 7 round limit in New York is sad.  High power competitors will never hear the command, "On the command of Fire you will load one two round magazine, fire two rounds, and load your eight round magazine."  Functionally High Power Service Rifle competitions are now over for the residents of the Empire State.  Oh they can own the rifle and magazines needed to compete, but load 8 rounds into that legal 10 round magazine and commit a felony.

Evidently Garands, with their 8 round magazine will still be allowed, as they are under the 10 round limit, but since it is now illegal to load a rifle with 8 cartridges, guess the Garand shooters will have to only hold 7 in the clip....

How soon do you want to bet that a loaded 8 round enbloc clip outside of a Garand is considered a "loaded magazine" in the state of New York?

The anti-rights bigots will never get the difference between "clip" and "magazine" correct.


California Midwesterner said...

I don't get why HP loads 2 then 8 as opposed to 5 and 5.
Wouldn't 5-then-5 spring (pardon the expression) the days of the M1903 Rifle, even before the advent of the M1? Trying to find a bit of a work-around, for now.

Though I agree that this new law of New York's is an unConstitutional travesty.
I certainly hope the courts realize that, too.

AM said...

When the 1903 was removed from the approved Service Rifle list, the 5 and 5 loading option went with it.

I don't see any option for New York HP competitors than to go to a 5 and 5 loading option.

The 5 and 5 is still an option for match rifles.

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong but per the New York legislation, the M1 Garand is classified as as "Curio/Relic" and as such, is exempt from the 7 round requirement. Either way, it's a sad state of affairs none the less.


Anonymous said...

I believe (some NY authority said yesterday) it's alrady illegal in NY to have more than 7 rounds in a magazine (or a clip). That apparently still includes the cops until the idjits tweak the law and allow cops to carry their full loads legally :)

The round count has always mystified me. It takes less than a second to reload. Using the "New York Reload" system (many guns), one could fire 20 rounds pretty fast.

Hopefully The Hag never sees Miculek's world record revolver shooting. 12 rounds under 3 seconds - all head shots.


Eight (8) rounds in one (1) second:

Yup, ban the Evil Black Rifles. We always have the revolvers ... or muskets ... or ...

This is all so sad and stupid ...


BTW, One of our Sheriff's wrote this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/120539341/Pine-County-Sheriff-s-2nd-Amendment-Stance

Anonymous said...

Now its been 28 years since I have been on the USMC's range I thought the mags were loaded 5 and 5 for rapid fire.

Anyway the counter attacks should have begun even before the ink dried on this POS bill.

We are going to have to depose our reactionairies who as usual are promising to defend the last unasailable redoubt of conservatism.

Attack and never grant them moral authority. RRS

Anonymous said...

Cuomo stepped in his lunch box by revealing the endgame plan. It will just serve to galvanize resistance to Saint Hussein's agenda. Apparently our would-be emporer was disconcerted by the degree of opposition. Thus the speech he gave was not the one he planned, and the plan the announced was not what he had in mind. The problem with hubris is when you start believing your own delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

How about the M1 Carbine. Is this considered an assault rifle or a relic that is except? I have used it for hunting and own two 5 shot magazines for it. Do I need to register it?