13 January 2013

Air Rifle AAR

I've been without internet for a while.  I spent the last few days shooting an air rifle match, and managed to actually score the same as some of the junior high school shooters.

Valuable lessons that I learned.

Lesson number one, in my basement, with no pressure, and no distractions, it is much easier to be a good shot.

Lesson two, on the line, with all the other shooters, it is just as much a mental game as a physical game.

Lesson three, athletic running shoes with thick soles suck, a cheap pair of WalMart style "converse" sneakers gave me a much better foundation.  Less cushion meant less wobble.

Statistically, I shot a 58%, which is the bottom level "marksman" rating.  I'm ok with that.  Having started to train in my off time three months ago this is about the level where I should be, regardless of my age.  I didn't come in last, but I came in pretty close to the bottom.  I knew that going in, and I got some good coaching on my stance work.

Last lesson I learned, single pump pneumatic rifles can be just as accurate as Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles in terms of accuracy.  But having to pump the rifle means having to rebuild your stock weld from scratch every time.  The shooters with the PCP guns and a stand to rest them on between shots didn't have to rebuild the stock weld.

That being said, I won't be buying a PCP rifle any time soon.  The Daisy 953 I have, and the 853 I picked up are accurate enough for actual training, without the need to buy a hand pump that cost more than either rifle (or the SCUBA tank and adapter to fill the PCP rifle).

In terms of Sporter PCP air rifles, the Crossman Challenger seemed to be the dominant rifle, with what appeared to be T200 shooting just as good.  The Daisy 887 made a strong showing with the JROTC clubs, and some of them posted good scores, although I saw a lot of shots pulled due to the long trigger pull of the Daisy.

Air rifle is challenging as heck, and I think I'm hooked for life.


Anonymous said...

The only quibble with the Daisy you recommended is with the trigger, it has the mush feel to it. But then again I compare everything to my Weatherby MK V, and even it has a slightly heavier lawyer feel than I prefer but without mush. Still at 10m in field positions its Minute of Chipmunk head. RRS

GreyLocke said...

I have a Beeman dual caliber .177 and .22 and it is scary accurate and I've shot over 500 pages into a phone book with the .177. That is further than a .22 short out of my savage 29A.

AM said...


You can do the pilkgun modification for the Daisy 953 trigger, and it will make the trigger much better. http://www.pilkguns.com/daisy853tm.shtml

It won't make it as good as your Weatherby MkV, but I did it and it was well worth the time.