25 December 2012

Advertising Fail

I know that Ryan has no control over some of the add space on his blog.  Whoever decided that MAIG needed space on TSLR should probably rethink their strategy.  Sometimes you do have to try to break out into a new market, but I'm pretty sure that people who read TSLR aren't the type to be swayed by MAIG.


Ryan said...

You've got to be shitting me. Can't believe that was on my blog. Occasionally Google Adsense really mucks it up.

I went back a second ago to report/ block it and there was a 2A add there in the same place.

AM said...

I think the software just tries to match the word "gun" to gun blogs, without any real regard to content.

But it goes with the theme I've been on, identity politics/nonlethal targeting/information campaigns. Trying to get people to understand that while we are packing away bullets, food, medicine, and other material the enemy is already engaging in information warfare.

ZerCool said...

Yeah, Google AdSense tends to fail on that kind of thing from time to time - but I'll click those banners like no tomorrow, because it costs MAIG money and puts it in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

+1 to ZerCool. I do the same thing. I also "free information kits" from anyone who mails them out. Drain their budgets however possible.