21 February 2012

Anonymous gets all religiony on me.

Anonymous comments will likely be mocked is clear on the rules of this blog, so here we go.

twilight? never saw it, never will.
Spend some time in the Bible and you will see that porn is just lust fulfillment and it's a sin.
How about this: a man wants to eat steak every night but all he gets is hot dogs, so he goes out and finds a woman who will cook him steak. Too bad he doesn't provide his wife with the steak to cook, he only brings home hot dogs and gets mad at her for not cooking up some steak. THAT makes about as much sense as you saying he has to use porn.
Be a man and provide for your family and then enjoy all they give back to you. Or be happy with your hot dogs.
Now, first off, "spending some time in the Bible" is what brought me to opinion I hold, you sanctimonious asshat.  In the beginning God created woman to be with man.  God made woman's form pleasing to man.  The word "desire" is synonymous with "lust" but doesn't bring up negative connotations.  So if a man desires a woman then he is exactly as God created him to be.  The Bible is quite clear that a wife's body is the property of the husband.  Not very liberating is it?  If you want a biblical marriage you are about 2000 years and one women's rights movement too late.

Let me explain this in simple words so Anonymous can follow.  Relationships are about giving something up to get something in return.  A relationship is not a Man going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, giving his wife a foot massage, reading her poetry while pouring her wine, and then being satisfied with a quicky where she lays there looking bored because she just doesn't feel into it that night.  A husband may be a role of servitude, but it is not the role of a servant.  Accepting that your spouses needs matter is the first step in fulfilling those needs.  Any man who thinks that his wife is a servant is sorely deluded.  Narcissists believe other people are there only to be used by the Narcissist, and that is not healthy.  Anyone wonder why a certain someone is famous for taking vacations that leaves her husband behind?

If a woman is unhappy in her relationship the key to fixing that problem isn't to cut off her husbands number one source of love and somehow hope he magically develops mind reading skills to figure out what the fuck is the matter.  Relationships take work, engagement, not disengagement.  When one party disengages that leaves two people saying "I don't trust you to fulfill my needs."  And when two people don't trust each other to fulfill each other, they decide to fulfill their needs on their own.  She'll get her emotional connection from her friends and romance novels, and he'll get his physical needs fulfilled from porn. 

"Be a man provide for your family and enjoy all they give back to you" sounds suspiciously like "Be exploited and like it you jackass."  That isn't being a leader, that isn't taking responsibility for yourself, that is choosing to be a stupid victim.  Why would any individual do that to themselves?

And seriously, to those that think that men don't need porn, damn straight.  We don't need PlayStations either.  Hell we don't need jobs, don't need families, don't need physical possessions or relationships.  But it ain't much of a life.  The sales of porn and PlayStations tell us that more men than not consider sex and distraction a key ingredient in their well being.


Anonymous said...

This may help AnonSnowflake and other gamma's.


Anonymous said...


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Don't expect feminStaazi to get it, AM. Just be happy that those of us who THINK instead of emoting, do.

Ryan said...

I love it when folks look at some extremely old document and try to guess what it would say about contemporary issues.

What does the Bible say about pornography?

About as relevant as Thomas Jefferson's writings and their relation to Twitter or Ben Franklin's thoughts on facebook.

What would Machiavelli think about predator drones?

Even if the document is very worthwhile there just isn't a real way to read into it.

Anonymous said...

"you sanctimonious asshat"

I am so going to steal that (not the same anon, btw).

@Ryan: you're kidding, right, or do you really want answers to your questions? ('cause there are some really good answers and you don't even have to squint very hard when you are reading the texts in question - Ben's "three can keep a secret on Facebook if two of their accounts are deleted" comes to mind)

Grog said...

The anonymouse(deliberately mis-spelled)who made the original complaint sounds like an insecure control freak.


The Horse said...

Why is it that rats like to hide behind the annon tag. What you don't have enough conviction in what your saying to use a real traceable tag.

Your spineless sniping proves to the world what a true bitch you are. If you believe in what your saying then tell us who you are.

No that would be to difficult because your a troll with nothing better to do.

AM im glad you treat ass hats like this guy like you do they certainly deserve everything they get.

Anonymous said...

Who am I ? oh my, after all the insults, and being called "sanctimonious asshat" I hate to come forward and admit, I am AM's Mom. *sigh* Hey, sorry about the comments, nimmers, my bad. LOL you sure have a LOT of loyal followers :) That's cool. Now stop laughing and hug my Grandbabies for me ;)

AM said...

I love you too Mom. I hugged the kids and P fell asleep on my chest tonight. M was fussy and wanted to be held, then he didn't want to be held, then he snuggled next to Mommy and wailed a little bit before he drifted off.

Still can't stop laughing though. I warned you that this blog is my internal monologue made public. Give my love to Dad, Sis, and Niece.

The Horse said...

Retracts statements above. Hi AMÅ› Mom

Grog said...

Hi, AM's Mom. :) So which anon were you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Horse and Grog :-) I was the annon who wrote about steak and hot dogs. A nd I'm not the whiz the my kid is, hence I did not see a way to sign as I have no google account. But *duh* I can sign off with AMom ;-) how's that?

until next time :-)

AM said...

I still don't like the hot dog analogy, it presupposes that the man in question is asking for the impossible. While it would be possible (and relatively easy with a food processor and some spices) to turn steak into hot dogs, only someone mentally insane would give his wife a hot dog and expect a steak. Of course not all people are rational, so your analogy would make sense if you assume irrationality is the norm, kinda like British Comedy.

My point is that if there is steak in the freezer, and it just takes a little effort to make it, then putting forth that effort is an act of love. Denying someone steak either means they don't love you (or are trying to deny you love for a reason), or are trying to enforce a Hindu diet on you. There might be more options if Vegans or PETA is involved in the non-preparation of said cow flesh.

Damnitall, now I want steak.

Anonymous said...

Well son, if anyone knows how to cook a steak, it's you! And maybe you don't remember, but in my opinion, hotdogs are only good for training dogs. A quarter million is a mighty fine number :-)
Thanks for the laughs, I needed that!