31 October 2010

The funniest thing I've seen all week


A parady of "Take it off" that I think conveys the lyrics even better than the original.

Joan Peterson, oh the irony

Joan Peterson wrote this:
And for those on my blog who think I know nothing and am just full of emotion, I am informing you now that I will not be posting for a while since my mother is in the process of dying. If anyone wants to comment on that one, go ahead. She has lost 2 loved ones to bullets. That's a lot for one person to handle but she forged on and led her life as well as anyone could under the circumstances. She was a good and faithful Christian woman who practiced what she preached. That is how I was raised. Her faith has been strong and helped her through 2 tragedies and the death of my Dad. God will look kindly on my mother.

I'm pretty sure that you know nothing and are just full of emotion because your response was about your mother dying, not an assertion that you actually, you know, KNOW something.

Joan, you are the worst type of bigot, the willfully ignorant.  Some bigots are unintentionally ignorant and can be educated to correct their lack of knowledge.  Joan, you resist knowledge at all costs.

29 October 2010

Range Review

Today I went to the Fort Benning Rifle and Pistol Club range.  Nice day, light wind, sunny but not too hot.  Took two rifles and two brands of ammo.

Chiappa M4-22 upper: 

The good; the scope got sighted in.
The Bad; large number of light primer strikes leading to failure to fire.  Occasional stove piping.

The verdict:  The light primer strikes seem to be caused by a short firing pin.  Comparing the Chiappa bolt carrier group with a Ceiner BCG shows this.  The Chiappa firing pin does NOT extend to the proper length when the rear of the pin is pressed flat with the back of the BCG (the Ceiner obviously does).  I had to press the Chiappa firing pin further into the BCG to get it to go, this means each time the rifle went "bang" it was because of the momentum of the firing pin.  As an interim solution I cut a few coils off the firing pin return spring to help with the momentum.  If this doesn't help I'll have to add material to the back of the firing pin, which means access to a machine shop that I don't have here in Georgia.

Put over 100 rounds through the Chiappa, and hopefully the gremlins will be worked out before too long.

Remington Model 5 (Zastava model 5).  I cleaned the holy living crap out of the chamber.  It shot Federal Bulk Pack nearly as tight as Golden Eagle Target at 25 meters.  I would have shot further, but since Appleseed is at 25 meters that is where I'll keep practicing for a while, at least with 22's.

The Ammo:  The Golden Eagle Target is Eley Primed, and is supposedly a step up from normal ammo.  At 30 bucks per 500 it certainly feels more premium than the 20 dollar brick of Federal Bulk Pack.  At 25 meters there doesn't seem to be enough difference to justify using the "good stuff", especially at Appleseed targets (with their generous scoring areas). 

Need to get a 22 conversion for my 1911 so I can shoot that all day without breaking the bank.

Joan Peterson, ignorant as all get out

Comment by Anonymous:
Of course there are no records kept for blackpowder firearms, even though they have killed more Americans than any other weapon.
Response by Joan Peterson
Are you referring to the Revolutionary War?
Ignorant of history, the American Civil War was fought mainly with rifled muskets.
Comment by Anonymous:
And yet even the CDC can't find any proof that the legislation the Brady Campaign proposes would actually save lives.
 Response by Joan Peterson:
What?? Does the CDC talk about that anywhere?
Yes Joan, the CDC did an effectiveness study which you can find here: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr5214a2.htm and it explains that it could not find any measure of effectiveness in the laws identified, all of which (except for right to carry) are embraced by the Brady Bunch.

So here we have Joan Peterson, ignorant of history, ignorant of the consequences of the laws that she FEELS are "common sense".  No wonder "reasoned discourse" breaks out so much over at CommonNonsense, every time she is confronted with reality based evidence that doesn't fit her world view her brain shuts down.  She can feel with the best of them, but evidently can't think worth a damn.

28 October 2010

Operational Stress

The new buzzword since PTSD and TBI have become mainstream is "Operational Stress".

To put it bluntly, going away for any length of time where you are routinely shot at by direct and indirect fire is stressful.  And over enough time, that stress becomes the norm.  And when you take that stress away, it can be unnerving.

The honeymoon phase is the first month or two after getting back here to the land of the big PX.  Things are usually great (if you managed to stay married or were single anyways).  The bad part happens when the support network that you had in country starts moving away, and you move on yourself.

Then the memories come, then the dreams come, and then you find yourself balling your eyes out for no apparent reason at 1 A.M. until you realize it is the anniversary of the death of someone you only knew in passing.  You feel guilty that you survived and he didn't.

And civilians don't really understand, they expect that you should just "go back to normal" now that you are stateside.  They don't understand that your normal is constant stress, and without that pressure holding things back stuff is going to leak out.  Sometimes at inappropriate times.

This is why men get together to tell war stories and get drunk.  It's therapy of a sort, a way to place the past in the past.  Dealing with a years worth of stress is tough to do, but if it were easy everyone would sign up for the job.

27 October 2010

Elizabeth Moon

I never thought that Elizabeth Moon was a particularly good or bad scifi/fantasy author.  I read some of her books to pass the time.

Now I'll do my best to read them all.


Thoughts on culture

1% Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are a lot like the 3% "Threepers" of Gun Culture.

Both have insignia and patches to identify themselves as outside the norm, both are populated largely by white men, and both are unfailingly patriotic.  Still, it's kind of embarrassing to hang around them as an outsider.  Kinda like being black at a klan rally.

However, when the chips are down, anyone fighting on my side is a temporary ally.  I do understand the allure of the motorcycle gang, it is a civilian equivalent to an elite military unit, self selecting for members.  However, having been in the military long enough I know that the intense brotherhood of an elite unit isn't forever.  People cannot stay united solely by circumstances and your loyalties shift as you get a family of your own and different responsibilities.

Liberal idiocy

Southern Beale wrote...

You can do far more harm to the Republic with a computer algorithm than an AK-47. Seriously, does anyone think the next revolution will take place by armed resistance, storming the walls of the castle? That's Cold War-era thinking. Silly nonsense forged in someone's fantasy.

Computer programs do not shoot bullets.  You can disrupt society by screwing with networks.  But just like the recent coup in Thailand, you need guns to cause real change.  Otherwise the tech geeks just get paid overtime to fix your mess.

I hope that Southern Beale gets mugged.

25 October 2010

Settling in..

My trip from Olympia, WA, to Columbus, GA, is complete.  Five days on the road, a chocolate lab my companion until Kentucky.

Someone must have written a book about similar experiences.  I'm sure I was supposed to have some life altering insight on my journey, but alas I did not.  Not all trips are about the journey, sometimes the trip is just about getting somewhere.

20 October 2010

Transcontinental journey...

First time I went from WA to GA was in 98, then again in 06.  Now it is 2010 and for the third time I set off across our great nation to head to the schoolhouse.

Take care ya'll, and ride safe, shoot straight, and see you on the flip side.

18 October 2010

Question for Miss Peterson

Joan, I've been reading through the comments to your posts, and I have a question; does it worry you at all that only Laci and MikeB regularly cheer you on, on your own blog?

It seems to me that if you really were the mainstream instead of an extremist you would have more random anonymous folks logging on to agree with what you see as "common sense".

We have always been at war with Oceania...

Clyburn went on criticize Bush and the Republicans for taking a budget surplus and turning it into a record deficit.

Republican controlled congress gave Clinton that budget surplus.  Then the Democrat controlled congress gave Obama that record deficit...

And in other news, revising history to suite the party line continues politics as usual.

When the gun banners start on cars then we can talk

Start with cars. Cars are damn near COMPLETELY unregulated. There is no limited on the number of cars you can buy every day, no limit on the number of cars you can own, no limit on how much gasoline you can have on hand.  There are NO background checks on sales of cars at car shows.
And cars kill more people than guns.

You don't need to prove that you are allowed to drive to buy a car from a private seller.

Start with cars, end the "private car sale" loophole. Then we can talk about guns.

WTF McCain, WTF?

I know being the daughter of a Senator makes her an insider, but really?

"I speak as a 26-year-old woman," McCain said on ABC's "This Week." "And my problem is that, no matter what, Christine O'Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office. She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business. And what that sends to my generation is, one day, you can just wake up and run for Senate, no matter how [much] lack of experience you have."

I guess she has "higher standards" for R's than D's.

Patty Murray ran her campaign for Senate as "A Mom in Tennis Shoes" and she still runs on that schtick. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Election-2010/Senate/2010/0929/Democrats-rally-behind-their-mom-in-tennis-shoes-Sen.-Patty-Murray

And what exactly did Obama do before he was a Senator? 

O'Donnell's history in politics is unfortunately all to similar to other politicians.

17 October 2010

What does the BBB say about the Brady Bunch?

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Brady Center) does not meet 6 out of 20 standards for accountability.  



More idiotic voices from the left...

Over at HuffingtonPost Josh Sugarman got his panties in a bunch over the recent decision by a Wisconsin Judge to apply strict scrutiny towards Wisconsin's ban on concealed carry and found it unconstitutional.  Below are some of the more egregious comments by leftists..

Heller only applies to federal enclaves. Better to check the MacDonald case and see how easily it can be interpreted differently. Good old Thomas saw to that, thank goodness for his dumbness....

" The Second Amendment protects the right to keep and BEAR arms."

For organized militias like the national gaurd, yes.

Heller confirms and individual right to keep and bear arms.  MacDonald incorporates that right against the states. 

The militia has no bearing on the individual right to keep and bear arms.  The Supreme Court noted that the "militia clause" was separate from the individual right.  IE, people have the right to keep and bear arms AND participate in militias.

Evidently Joan Peterson is in stupid company.  This is why it is so important to keep up the pressure on the bigots.  They will never stop, they will never acknowledge reality, and they want to encroach on freedom.

16 October 2010

Can she be this stupid?

Joan Peterson, president of Minnesota Million Mom March, says on average, one person a day dies from a gun in the state. She says the Fort Hood tragedy is bringing a lot of national attention to the problem of gun violence and the ongoing battle to deal with it. Gun laws aren't the only answer, she says, but are a start at keeping weapons out of the wrong hands.

"If we pass some laws that would make sure dangerously mentally-ill people, domestic abusers, felons, and terrorists can't get guns, we will at least be able to make a chink in the armor. We will at least be able to start the process."

Minnesota Million Mom says the answer to gun violence is not more guns and argues the most recent shooting in Fort Hood demonstrates that all places where people gather are vulnerable to mass shootings - whether a school, church, shopping mall, or a military base.

What an idiot.  Let me put it to you this way.  To get onto a military installation you have to pass through a guarded checkpoint.  This isn't some random place where anybody has access, this is a closed community.

How was Nidal Hassan stopped?  By someone with a gun.

But Joan lives in a perfect world where if somehow, a Major in the US Army could be identified as someone who shouldn't have a firearm, then the Fort Hood shooting would never have happened.

Joan, what drugs are you on?  Have you ever heard of a fucking suicide vest?  Have you read the Al Qaeda manuals on how to improvise explosives?  Sweet shivering Shiva and little fishees, if you think that Nidal Hassan would be stopped by something so trivial as not being able to purchase a handgun you need to be institutionalized.

If someone believes that laws can be made so "tough" and "common sense" that we can prevent someone like Nidal Hassan, who was able to pass his BACKGROUND CHECK to obtain at least a "SECRET" level of classification (and most likely TOP SECRET in order to act as a psych provider to soldiers dealing with classified operations) then she must be smoking the really good stuff.

Random Thought

When GWBush was unpopular, he still managed to effectively lead the nation.

It took the public six years of the Bush administration to hand congress back to the Dems.

More and more "blame bush" is increasingly lame.

Common Nonsense....

So there I was, perusing the ramblings of Joan Peterson, and my wife commented "You know if you google "Common Gunsense" it asks, "Did you mean Common Nonsense?"

Makes more sense.

14 October 2010

Joan Peterson hates National Guardsmen

Joan Peterson wrote a blog post about militias.  I assume that she equates "militia" with "terrorist" like many liberals, but she admits that the National Guard is a part of the organized militia.

That is one of the most ridiculous posts I have read on my blog. Come on, are you serious? Just to set the record straight, my children and husband are NOT, nor ever will be a part of a militia group. My friends as well. I don't know who your family and friends are but they sure as heck are not the people I hang around with.
Yes, anonymous- that was in 1792. Did you remember it is now 2010? So which militia duty are you planning to appear for? I believe National Guard members arm themselves once they get to their post.

Not that I don't take my job seriously, I just don't happen to be a guardsman as I am on active duty.  I am a professional soldier, a militia member is a Citizen Soldier.  As such the National Guard are Citizen Soldiers, but not the Army Reserve.  The reason why is that the National Guard are dual hatted between State and Federal control where the Regular Army and Army Reserve are solely under Federal control.

That is why some states have their own militia separate from the National Guard for purely domestic purposes.  They are clearly not "terrorists" by any stretch of the imagination.

Newslash, Liberals are RACIST!!1!!!

One study asked subjects whether they would push a fat monkey off the footbridge to save five other monkeys (answer, “yes”: we are less deontological when dealing with other species). Another gave a name to the fat man, probing whether our reactions could be influenced by race. Subjects were offered the choice between pushing “Tyrone Payton” (a stereotypically African-American name) off the footbridge to save 100 members of the New York Philharmonic and jettisoning “Chip Ellsworth III” (a name conjuring up old money) to save 100 members of the Harlem Jazz Orchestra. The researchers discovered conservatives were indifferent between these options, but at the hands of liberals, poor old Chip fared less well than Tyrone.

Hat tip to John Venlet of Improved Clinch

Prolonging the decline

So this November we have an opportunity to put a different pack of politicians in the Legislature. 

Will they actually repeal laws?  Or will they try to "fix" the bad parts of the sweeping legislation that were passed in the last two years?

If history is any indication, they will try to "fix" the laws, not remove them.  We still have Social inSecurity, Medicare, Medicaid, NFA34, GCA68, GOPA86, and those are simply not going to go away.

So we are headed towards tyranny, and whether it is the soft tyranny of the Nanny State or the hard Tyranny of a dictatorship is still up in the air.  Billy Beck is particularly depressed about November.

Why can't their be a political party dedicated to obstructing new legislation and repealing old laws?

13 October 2010

12 October 2010

Shooty goodness

I need some...

Haven't had much me time lately, and soon I'll have more me time as I get in the truck and drive back across this great nation to Fort Benning.

Kinda not happy about leaving my family behind, but looking forward to getting on with my  career.

10 October 2010

Gun Show

Sold some brass, not much else.

You never know what is going to be hot at a gun show.  At least the prices for AR's have generally calmed down from "idiotic" to "unreasonable".

Bro had one for 650 on his table, as far as I could tell it was the only one that sold today, but I was only there for half the day.

08 October 2010

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive in my Acer laptop finally died.  My experience is that once the hard drive goes it is a sure sign that the power supply isn't far behind.

However since money is getting tight, I opted to replace the faulty hard disk with a new one, and see how much longer I can keep this thing limping along.

The dead hard drive was a Toshiba 160 gig, the new one is a Western Digital 320 gig.  8 megs of cache, 5400 rpm, and this was the "cheap" version at 50 dollars.  The expensive version had 16 megs cache and 7200 rpms at 75 bucks.  Considering that back when I first started in computers 512k of hard drive cache was standard I'm rolling in hog heaven.

Anyways I didn't bother to re-install windows, simply running Ubuntu 10.04 and hoping to stay that way.

06 October 2010

Monsert Hunter Vendetta

Buy it, read it.

Larry Correia is a good author.

03 October 2010


Today I reloaded about 170 rounds.  20 300 Win Mag, 40 270 Win, 50 some 8x57, and 60 some 308 Win.

I had to refill the hopper of the powder dispenser four times.  I would have kept reloading but I ran out of 168 gr HPBT bullets.

02 October 2010

Engineers and Lawyers

Microsoft is suing Motorola over patent infringement.

I've been doing some research into the problem of tech companies suing each other for patent infringement, and one thing is perfectly clear.

The patent system is broken.  One particular "Patent Holding Corporation", NPT, even forced 612.5 million out of Research In Motion.  NPT is currently suing Microsoft...

So where does that leave us?  Well the problem with the US Patent system is that there is no research into "prior art" by the Patent Reviewer.  For example, "System for wireless transmission and receiving of information and method of operation thereof" is the title of one of NPT's patents.  It references several other patents and prior art (for example different IEEE standards) and provides nothing more than a proposed schematic.  Patent reviewers are rewarded for approving patents, not denying them.  So we run into the problem of frivolous patents being filed, and then court battles are required to do the patent reviewers job to have it overturned.  Big Pharma uses this tactic frequently to extend the "on patent" lifespan of a drug for maximum profit.

Unfortunately, this patent NPT holds was issued in 1992.  Motorola was churning out big as bricks of pagers in the 1970s.  Radio Teletype has been in the public domain for decades.  NPT's patents should have been dismissed out of hand because the 7 Layer OSI model is even more generic, and purposely designed to make connecting multiple networks simple. 

Patents for things such as "look" or "user experience" are equally stupid.  Toyota doesn't sue Ford for making a car that drives like a Carolla, and would be a laughingstock if they did.

So who wins by all these ridiculous patent lawsuits?  The lawyers.  They get paid win or lose.  Seriously juries for technical cases need to be composed of technical historians.

01 October 2010

Murder by numbers

Joan Peterson, japete, of the Brady Bunch believes that reducing "gun deaths" will make people safer.  So let us actually take a look at the numbers.

15,241 murders and non-negligent manslaughter in 2009 in the US, or right at 5 per hundred thousand.

Those numbers have been pretty static since 2005 (we had a slight decline).  So using 16740 "murders" as a baseline, lets try to see how that lines up with our homicide numbers.

In 2005 there were 10,100 of the "murders and non-negligent manslaughter" in the US used firearms.  I can't get data for 2009 yet, but let us assume that the ratio between murders and "firearms homicide" is the same.  10100/16740=0.6033, or only 60% of the murder rate.  That also means that if we pull out the estimate 12% "Civilian Legal Defensive Homicide" (1212) from the 10100 we get 8888/16470=0.5396.  So 54% of Homicides are committed by non defensive use of firearms.

The 12% Civilian Legal Defensive Homicide number comes from criminologist Gary Kleck, Ph.D.  Considering that there are around 2 million defensive firearm uses every year (reference Dr. Kleck), that makes it much more likely that firearms save more lives than they take (but you already knew that).

So now we are at the heart of the issue, around 9,000 murders are committed in the US every year with firearms.  8888/307000000= 2.895 per hundred thousand murder by firearm.  Let's round that to 3 per hundred thousand, which leaves two murders per hundred thousand unaccounted for.

People are being murdered, at a statistically significant rate (46% of all murders) by something other than a gun.  2 out of five people murdered in the US die from something other than a firearm.

But Joan Peterson doesn't seem to care about them.  Nor does Joan Peterson care that violent crime other than murder has skyrocketed in the UK with increased restrictions on personal protection devices.

Crime is bigger than "gun death".  And while There are 30,000 "gun deaths" each year, less than a third of those are murders.

So are you willing to live with 9000 murders each year in the US?  Because I guarantee that if you give up your guns, the number of murders will only go up as Defensive Gun Uses go down.


8,798,500 (in millions) is the Adjusted Gross Income for all US Taxpayers for 2009.

1,115,504 (in millions) is the total revenue collected by the US Government for 2009.

That works out to a 12.678% flat tax if we had a flat tax.  I think that's a lot more fair than the current graduated tax system where the bottom 47% of citizens do not pay income tax.

Can anyone tell my why a 15% flat tax would be a bad idea?

Numbers from http://www.taxfoundation.org/news/show/250.html