26 February 2010

"Psuedo Scout" Rifle nearing completion

So I took a Yugo reworked K98 (the Serbs having scrubbed the rifle of any and all Nazi markings) and cut the barrel back to 18" and crowned it with a file and rotary grinding stones. A BSquare scout mount has been added and blue threadlocked into place.

The 8x57 aka 8mm Mauser aka 7.92x57 aka 8x57JS fires a .323 diameter bullet at a nice standard velocity ranging from 2550 for the heavy 196 gr FMJ from a stock K98 to a 150 gr FMJ at blazing 3000 fps from Turk surplus through a 29" barreled M38 Turk Mauser.

My 18" barrel is only a detriment to velocity, not lethality. I intend to load up light "30-30" pressure loads for deer hunting. If a 30-30 or 32 Special can successfully kill deer for over a century without muss or fuss I figure that a light handy bolt action rifle launching a 185 grain bullet between 2400 and 2600 fps will be more than adequate.

For Elk or any critters in need of a more stout ballistic solution I can always tailor a load optimized for a short barrel. Using magnum primers and a relatively fast burning powder like my favorite IMR 4064 or the popular Reloader 15 (or the new 17) will let me cram in the powder and increase the punishment on both ends of the rifle.

Can't wait to head to the range. She's ugly right now, I haven't refinished the metal so it has grind marks and worn patches, the ugly Ramline plastic/glass stock is all sorts of cheap looking, and the BSquare mount is nothing to write home about. But she is light, shoulders quick, and looks to be very handy.

21 February 2010


We may let women in the Army, but there is no place for Heroin in the Infantry.

In the civilian world if you get caught with 10 grams of "Black Tar Heroin" you get put in jail, and stay in police custody until you make bail.

In the Army world if you are caught with 10 grams of "Black Tar Heroin" you are questioned, written up on a charge sheet, then released back to your unit.

I'm going to chapter the kid, release him back into the civilian world with nothing worse on his record other than an "Other Than Honorable" discharge with a code saying he was release for illegal drug use.

17 February 2010


Today I am thankful for,

My very helpful Aunt

More proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy.

14 February 2010

Getting out of the Army

Don't take me wrong, I am not getting out of the Army (at least there are no plans for that on my part).

During peace time it is relatively easy to get out of the Army. There are several administrative ways to get out of the Army. Even going AWOL and deserting your unit will pretty much guarantee that you are separated.

Now someone, somewhere, decided that it was "too easy" to get out of the Army by going AWOL. Instead of taking multiple year AWOL returnees and giving them a discharge in lieu of court martial they now get sent BACK to their last known unit. This was supposed to provide more manpower to fighting units.

What actually happened is that we have to leave behind MORE able bodied Officers and NCO's to deal with the cankerous ass cancers who show back up after being gone for four or five years. At the beginning of OIF a single Captain could serve as the Brigade Rear Detachment Commander. For my Brigades second deployment, they left behind a Major, who was replaced with a Lieutenant Colonel once the Brigade was extended during "The Surge".

This time they left a Lieutenant Colonel right off the bat, and Senior Lieutenants, Junior AND Senior Captains for Battalions depending on who they could spare. The size of the Rear Detachment has grown because the policies that push manpower to the units are leaving us with the sick, lame, lazy, and criminal.

Sending a non-deployable soldier to the unit is not supporting the warfighter. Anybody know of an "Easy Button" for kicking out the trash?

12 February 2010

According to the "news"....

Every person who disappears "disappeared mysteriously".

At this point "mysteriously" is way overused.

That is all.

07 February 2010


Adventures in Paper Patching bullets.

So I want a light, low recoil load for my 9.3x62 that will fire form resized 30-06 brass (hence the need for the custom trim guide in the last post) and there aren't a whole lot of economical .366 bullets readily available.

9mm Makarov bullets are .365, but the heaviest is 95 grains, which is fine but I already have a bunch of .358 bullets hanging around for reloading 38 Special. So I patched some flat base 158 gr bullets up to .370 and used a 308 brass to bell the mouth of my necked up 06 brass. When the paper is fully dry I'll load them on top of 11 grains of Unique pistol powder.

Five rounds should be finished tonight, and one trip to the range should let me know if they work or not.

03 February 2010

How to make a 9.3x62 trim guide....

To make a Lee Cutter guide for trimming 30-06 length brass down to 9.3x62 I used:

Raw Materials:
A 30-06 Lee Cutter trim guide
A 223 Rem brass
SuperGlue (epoxy or solder would work as well)

Dremel tool (or any sort of grinding tool)
Bench vise (or something to hold the 223 brass)
30 caliber reloading die (to open up the 223 brass)
One 9.3x62 brass

How too assemble.

Insert a spent 223 Brass into the press, use a 30 caliber expander die (I used my 308 Win die) and then insert the 223 neck first into the neck of a sized 9.3x62 brass (although a 9.3x57 would work as well) and mark the 223 where it stops going in.

Take the 223 out of the neck of the 9.3x62, fix it in a vise and cut at the mark.

Screw the 30-06 guide into the cutting tool, dab a few drops of Super Glue onto the top of the shaft, run the cut off neck up the trim guide and wait for the glue to fix.

Once the glue is fixed, place the trim guide into 9.3x62 brass, the tip should stick about 1.3 mm past the case head. Use the Dremel tool to grind down the tip.

Done, for about six bucks in raw materials (5 bucks for the 30-06 trim guide, maybe a buck for the super glue) I avoided buying an expensive trimming tool.