29 July 2009

Time Zone differences...

Previously in my career the worst time zone difference I had to deal with was plus or minus 3 hours. Now it is a ten hour difference, and that makes staying in touch a little, slow.

When connection is available I will email my wife, and when I am awake she is usually sleeping or taking care of our son. So when she gets time to check her email she will respond, and that means usually after our son has gone to sleep. So something that I send at 10:00 hours MY time arrives at midnight her time, and she may not get to answer it until after 21:00 HER time, so keeping in touch is a little slow.

However it is MUCH faster than snail mail. The internet has allowed me to see a video of my son learning to crawl (spinning like a helicopter on the floor as mentioned previously) and get daily updates of how everyone is doing. And because of the time difference, it is MUCH more convenient than using a telephone.

This internet thing is great (when you can get it).

23 July 2009

A 20 dollar tip, blog on hiatus

The power of ritual is amazing. Ritual helps provide meaning and pacing for life.

I have a rather unique ritual. Before I leave the state of Washington to do my duty to Uncle Sam I have one last meal at the Denny's diner off of I-5 exit 76 in Chehalis. No matter what I order, no matter how good the service, no matter the size of the bill, the waitress gets a 20 dollar tip.

Today I completed this ritual for the fourth time since I began to serve. Tomorrow I take a flight of unknown time length and unknown duration to a known location. I'm about to pack my laptop into my assault pack.


Until further notice this blog will be on hiatus, or at least updates will be much slower. Internet access is available, but I don't count on anything until it is countable.

19 July 2009

The Savage is gone

I sold my Savage 10 Tactical in 308. The price was high, but the parts that I put into it were worth the asking price, and I figured that if it didn't sell then it would be fine. I spotted a good price and bought an entry level black powder rifle, here in WA black powder has a much longer hunting season. The rest of the money has gone into fixing a fence and family photos.

My older brother will get to use the muzzle loader this year, and I hope that there may be venison in the freezer when I get home.

I made the decision to part with the rifle because it was "done". There was nothing more for me to do with it other than shoot it. No more tinkering. And while I love to shoot, I really love to tinker. When I get back I'll see about getting one of the new Savage's with the accustock.

16 July 2009

Oh the irony

Today I hired my younger brother to help me add cellulose insulation to the attic crawlspace of my home. During the hot and cramped work my brother made the comment, "for the biggest global warming denier I know you are also the 'greenest' person I know."

I replied, "Good engineering is good engineering." Efficiency is beautiful for its own sake. Our home was built in 1977, and when we bought it the original fiberglass insulation had compressed to less than 3.5 inches (less than the width of a 2x4 beam( averaged over the attic crawlspace. The "Rvalue" of fiberglass is roughly R2 per inch, so we were looking at R6 for the attic space (Rvalues for fiberglass are usually calculated with loose fill, not fill that has settled over 32 years, so this is NOT a scientific measurement of any kind). The R value for cellulose is about 3.5 per inch, so by adding an inch of cellulose over the already compressed fiberglass we can add R3.5 to our attic rating. These R value per inch calculations are based on averages of different R values for different thicknesses.

The reason for adding insulation is the difference between our summer and winter electric bills (nearly 200 dollars a month in the winter, a tad shy of 60 in the summer). An online savings calculator found here estimates that we will save over 300 dollars a year by adding R3.5 to our house. Now this is really just a planning tool, not a crystal ball. But what I also know is that fiberglass insulation is susceptible to convection currents, so that it is less efficient the greater the thermal spread. By adding the cellulose cover we are (hopefully) cutting down on the convection currents and increasing efficiency when it is cold. I don't know, but in a year we will know for sure.

Do you know how to tell the difference between a hippy and a survivalist? In the bathroom "American Rifleman" is mixed in with "Mother Earth News". At least that is how you used to tell in our house. After a few years there really isn't anything NEW in the gun rags, but occasionally there is something useful in "Mother Earth News".

Example of cannibalism.

This "Jack London" character is a complete moron. Jack is found in comments here: http://money.cnn.com/2009/07/14/news/economy/health_care_reform/index.htm?postversion=2009071418

Anybody who has spent any time in W. Europe knows that they have it far better in education, healthcare and housing than we do here in America. Yeah, they pay taxes through the nose. But their streets are clean, children well educated and almost no homeless population. And, oh yeah, don't have 2.6 million people in prison being "unhabilitated". If anybody thinks it's important for the US to be a world power, then they know it costs $$$. They'd also know you can't get there by cutting. That's been shown to be a dead, discredited philosophy. When the richest were given an opportunity to invest in the future, most just invested in themselves or bad business deals. Now we want some of our money back. Make no mistake, there's been a huge transfer of wealth from the middle to the top and it has failed.

Western Europe could spend money on stuff other than Defense because the US was paying the security bill through NATO. As far as the US being a world power, other than losing my job I don't care if we stop being a world power as long as we can ensure that we will be left alone. A small federal government and strong militia can do that.

The 800 lb. gorilla in the room is that capitalism has outlived itself. If one has a grasp of the "historical imperative", then our current situation because very clear. We've fought the advance of history for far too long. First of all, we need to realize that Rupublicanism in it's current form, as a pure political animal now feeding on itself, needs to be distinguished from righteous, principled conservatism. The Buckleys and Thatchers have been replaced by the Limbaughs and Bachmanns. As a result, no honest political or philisophical debate can be had.

Complete horse manure. Capitalism was embraced by China because THERE IS NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE. None of the BRIC nations are embracing command economic models. And even if I could have a debate with Jack I wouldn't waste my time. The only thing you can do to a true believer is kill them.

After a prolonged transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the wealthy, a transfer that has resulted in the greatest disparity since the industrial revolution, it's only right and makes common sense that they should pay more in taxes. The richest one percent were entrusted with the bulk of the nation's wealth and squandered it. Now it's time to pay the piper.

Right now the poor and middle class have it better than the poor and middle class of a century ago. Jack wants to destroy the American economy from the top down. California had Nevada for the successful, the industrious to flee to. America has no Nevada. Jack is from California, and Jack wants you to pay more.

The "richest one percent" weren't entrusted with ANYTHING other than looking out for their own best interests. And it isn't "common sense" that ANYONE should pay more taxes than ANYONE else, it is in fact the very OPPOSITE of common sense. A flat percentage tax is common sense, say everyone pays 10% of their income. A government that can budget itself without having to selectively steal from some citizens to give to other citizens is even more common sense. What is stupid is clamoring for more and more spending and telling someone else to pay for it.

Hold the line. There is no Nevada. If we lose here, all is lost.

15 July 2009

Things you learn on the internet...

Zero Tolerance is an offshoot of Kershaw, making some decent cutlery.

A different Zero Tolerance is an adult film company.

Thank you Google for the clarification.

"Patriots" by JW Rawles

I have finally finished "Patriots" by James Wesley Rawles. I started reading it before a monthlong trip to NTC and my wife must have put it somewhere because I didn't find it again until yesterday (or I'm just getting a case of sometimers).

There is a lot of good to know tips found in the storyline, and those tips drive the storyline instead of the other way around. The writing is "clunky" at times, preachy at others, and yet well worth the time spent reading it. The book is divided into a "before, during, after" timeline and the equipment tips are divided into a "prepare, improvise, produce" format, and the paramilitary skills into a "train, fight, regroup" layout.

The only time I found obviously wrong information was from the NWO government representative who claimed "of the deaths by disease, more than sixty-five million were caused by the influenza pandemic that swept the eastern seaboard. Without antibiotics available, the disease simply ran rampant until there were no more hosts left to attack in the heavily populated regions."

Pretty much anyone who pays attention knows that you cannot treat viral diseases with antibiotics. At best you can treat them with classes of drugs that interfere with transcription, and prevent them with a vaccine. But antibiotics have as much to do with treating influenza as fish needing a football helmet. It is likely Rawles put that bit of wrongness in there on the part of the NWO official in order to display the depths of ignorance and ineptitude on the part of bureaucrats.

One important item that was hinted at that I know should have been spelled out more clearly, a quality watch that does not require a battery. There are several solar powered watches on the market as well as various mechanical offerings. You can tell soldiers because very few of us wear pretty watches, they are all big ugly and sturdy. Casio Gshock watches are a staple and standby. Older (and more well off) servicemen wear Tag Heuer, Citizen, Rolex, Bulova, or Omega dive watches. If you buy a mechanical watch, make sure that it has markers for seconds and a second hand.

It is largely impossible to conduct effective offensive operations without synchronization and the element of surprise, and a watch makes that possible. There are other ways to achieve synchronization, but they tend to ruin the element of surprise.

The biggest lesson to take away, if you take away nothing else from "Patriots" is that you can't survive a conflict alone. There is strength in numbers and power in cooperation.

13 July 2009

More thoughts on feminism.


Violet doesn't like evolutionary psychology. I'll be quite honest and say that I don't consider psychology to be a science at all, more like an art or a discipline. Most of the psychologists use a "mirror" technique to have a patient identify their own issues. When trying to interpret historical objects, the psychologist can only reveal their own inner self.

Which is why I agree with Violet when she wrote this: For women, it’s a reaction to the relative failure of feminism. Feminism teaches us that we have the right to live as full, free human beings, but our still-sexist society makes this impossible. That hurts. It’s painful as hell. And for those women who aren’t fully up on feminist analysis of how patriarchy works, the EPBS sings a soothing song: feminism was wrong, it was a lie, and the reason men won’t do the laundry or take care of the children or listen to you when you talk or give you a job or be faithful to you or treat you like a human being instead of a sex toy is because of evolution. That’s just how things are. You can’t change it, so there’s no point in worrying about it. Just give in. Get a labioplasty, pick up the dirty socks yourself, look on the bright side. And smile more.

However, to ignore the measurable differences in the physiology of men and women is stupid. What Violet is arguing against is a stupid premise on the part of evolutionary psychologists, that structures in the brain control behavior and culture. She doesn't need to argue the point, because the facts are firmly on her side. There is no gene for human behavior.

For years activists have been looking for the "gay gene" to prove to the puritanical tyrants that "it's not our fault, we can't help ourselves". There is nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Every time someone finds some data that fits their worldview it ends up being a normal statistical blip that crops up when doing population studies.

There has been good data coming forth from researchers on micro-deletions/additions for developmental disorders. However developmental disorders also have structural abnormalities and are different from personality development.

But the jump from protein to personality to culture is not one that can be made. The leap that can be made is that human societies have evolved into what they are because the general mass of "male" and "female" traits fell into roles as society evolved from hunter gatherer into agrarian. The longer something works, the more likely it is to ossify into hard tradition.

Every military in history that innovates to become dominant has to work hard to avoid turning innovation into tradition. The US military kicked ass in WWII and tried to use the same model in Vietnam. The Mamelukes were so entrenched in traditional warfare that they couldn't see the advances that gunpowder brought. Field Marshall Haig's belief that the machinegun would never replace the horse caused the slaughter of thousands of Tommies. It took a changing of the guard to revamp the Army into an effective counter insurgency force in Iraq.

Culture is no different, those that bring innovation have to sell it to those that see no need of it. Our "patriarchal" society is no different. For feminists to achieve their goals they have to bring an advantage over our current "patriarchal" society, and those advantages will allow the culture that embraces them to thrive over those that don't change. But then again what the hell do I know?

12 July 2009

Don't argue with an idiot

They will only drag you to their level and beat you with experience.

Patrick, we’ve played the “better than them” game for decades and are still losing day by day, I see no reason to forgo the mud-slinging anymore. It’s time we drop the holier-than-though bullshit attitudes which conservatives have kept, allowing our country to be brought to its knees by brainless imbeciles. It’s time to fight them like they fight, with no morals, no rules, and no conscience.

From a comment over at SondraK's.

First off, the difference between Ken Starr's investigations into Clinton and the oppositions investigation into Palin is that there actually was stuff to investigate about Clinton. Now that "death by investigation" is totally on the table as a political tactic (not that Nixon didn't have his detractors audited by the IRS). This is old school tactics, and it works. It just seems the Dems got the second Republican to quit because of investigation (although Nixon really did wrong).

There is nothing new in politics. The Dems have had a willing ally in the national press and consistently win the court of public opinion. Now that new media has started to break the stranglehold on the fellow travelers in the old media it becomes "open season" on who can sling the most political mud.

Secondly, if you are going to fight, fight to win. Fighting to destroy your opponent is not the same as fighting to win. Knowing the difference is very important.

Getting rid of guns

So I'm preparing to leave for an all expense paid vacation to Iraq. One of the things that I find myself doing is trying to get rid of rifles. Over the years I accumulated quite a few that I rarely shoot. I would pick up one if it were a good deal, or if it struck my fancy.

Now I'm trying to find homes for a few of them. I loaded up 20 rounds of hunting ammunition to go with a sported m24/47 so that a friend of mine can go hunting this fall. 185 gr Corelokt bullets are not any sort of premium projectile, but they have done the job for decades. Capstick was fond of Corelokt bullets and their effect on game.

There are a few things left for me to do, a few more chores to complete before rolling out. It is going to be a busy week.

11 July 2009

I'm part of the "patriarchy"

I was reading through the comments here http://www.reclusiveleftist.com/2009/07/04/feminists-and-the-mystery-of-sarah-palin/ and noticed that quite a few comments focused on the "patriarchy". The "patriarchy" is the natural social order that has developed in every culture, on every continent. Feminists believe that the natural order is unfair and oppressive (and in some cultures it can be).

If you live in the USA and believe that the patriarchy is keeping you down you are a moron. Our nation has the most expansive set of laws to assure "equality" that we have started to kill the idea of a meritocracy. If you live in Iran, being a woman can be a bit inconvenient and there isn't any meritocracy.

There are differences between men and women, scientifically measurable differences. It seems to be the cornerstone of rabid feminism that there are no differences except as those enforced by the patriarchal society. Rabid feminists want to see a more statistically homogeneous mixture of men and women across all occupations at all levels of responsibility.

Well, only women can be mothers, and quite a few women choose to be mothers. Watching my wife be a mother has been really "eye opening" to the fact that I cannot do what she can do. There are men that can be stay at home dads, but they are the exception, not the rule. Kinda like women in politics. On the flip side, my wife cannot do my job.

My hypothesis is this, since there are significant differences between men and women it is not unreasonable to see those differences appear in demographic data. Equal opportunity does not always equate to equal outcome. In the military we see that some people are just more driven to succeed than others, and this is true for all vocations.

I want to support all people to be the very best at what they choose to be. There are no "right" or "wrong" choices when it comes to vocation. There are only personal choices. Maybe my beliefs aren't in line with rabid feminism, but I'm ok with that.

09 July 2009

Yay! my own libtard!

Anonymous strikes again!

yeah, like Sadam "I don't have nukes" Hussien?

If I were put in Gitmo for standing on the wrong street corner and had to endure years of lawless abuse, I'd probably try to seek revenge too.

Sometime we are culpable too you know...

It is nice when I get my own retarded commenter. We didn't keep Saddam (it has TWO D's dumbass) in Gitmo. Saddam could have totally prevented the US invasion by simply stepping down or not playing "hide the salami" with the UN weapons inspectors. http://democrat.meetup.com/boards/thread/5579587

Secondly none of the terrorists in Gitmo were put there for "standing on the wrong street corner". Those aren't "innocent bystanders".

And thirdly, our "culpability" is a stupid way to say "it's our fault because people hate us". It isn't our fault that islamic terrorists hate Americans, their religion requires it. Taking responsibility for other peoples feelings is a good way to become an emotional victim before becoming a physical victim.

08 July 2009

An AR for "serious work"?

Whilst browsing ye old interweb for information on various configurations of Colt AR-15's I came across this little gem, http://www.alpharubicon.com/leo/ar15sforserious.htm

Now I have a theory about weapons, if it works it is good, if it doesn't work it is not good. The author of the linked article, who goes by the handle "forest" rubs me the wrong way.

First off his article worships at the altar of "milspec". I know from first hand knowledge that "milspec" malfunctions just as much as anything else on the market. Take my word for it or enlist for yourself, the choice is yours.

Secondly "forest" thinks that lighter is better, even advocating that HBAR owners have their barrels turned down or replaced with lightweight "milspec contours". Just so you know SOCOM has a custom contour for their M4's, the standard "milspec" contour warps way too easily when hot, and if you are doing "serious work" then maybe you need a thicker barrel to avoid warpage.

Thirdly the stupid phrase "serious work" pisses me off. If you want to talk about killing people then talk about killing people. These guys like "forest" don't scare me, people like Phil, Brigid and Joe scare me since they are patient and accurate. Don't get into a fight with old or experienced people, they will hunker down and wait for you to make a mistake that they will exploit ruthlessly.

Fourthly, advocating the use of ammunition that has a "flash retardent" built in is stupid. If I had to choose between milspec m193 or soft pointed hunting ammo to kill a human, I would choose the ammunition designed to deform. Soft pointed or ballistic tipped civilian ammunition has the benefit that it is designed to deform and cause maximum wounding across the ballistic spectrum of the cartridge. I know that FMJ will kill you just as dead as anything else, but FMJ requires a lot of velocity to deform and fragment.

The guy with a lightweight AR is no more deadly than the chick with the Garand. The exact specifications of the weapon impart no special powers to the weilder.

Internet Commandos

Larry Correia has this to say about a pissy internet commando named Jim:

At the time you were selling cheap, bargain basement chicom AK’s to your fan boys to pose with in the mirror in their underwear and you tried to tell them that junk was not only as good as an HK, but better!
The chicom/russo pricks that sell you those bargain basement Kalashnikovs also sell them to the pisslamic swine that kill our boys in the sand box every day. Nice business associates you have there chum.
I have a couple HK’s, a Bushmaster and a Colt in my gun room – and not a single AK POS in sight.

Good for you. But are you sure that you want to start a pissing match about who owns what with a guy who used to own a gun store? I own a few guns. Some are very nice. A few were really expensive. But I don’t need to post and brag about owning fancy guns, because my ego isn’t attached to what I can afford, rather what I can outshoot you with.


Larry went a lot easier on Jim than I would have.

Now I just traded two AK's and a stripped Yankee Hill lower receiver for a complete Bushmaster A2 style HBAR. I didn't trade because somehow the AR is better than the AK, I made the trade because it was financially sound. I didn't want to go to a gunshow and sell my two AK's for 500 a piece and the receiver for 200 just to go and buy a Bushmaster, and the guy who had the Bushmaster gets three items to put on his table at the gunshow.

Will I trade off the Bushmaster if a better deal comes along? You betcha. I am the weapon, my guns are just tools. Jim is a tool hung up on tools.

Ever wonder how the greatest Army ever assembled retreated from Vietnam? By the will of the communists who were willing to accept any hardship to achieve their goal. Ever wonder how the greatest Army ever assembled (at the time) was pushed off the continent by a rag tag group of colonial militia? Because the will of the people was strong enough to endure and outlast the mighty empire.

Guns are tools, and they are important tools. But in the end they are just tools. There is no replacement for a fighting spirit.

Jim, you are the butt of the joke. You are an insecure emotional midget who thinks a name brand weapon is a replacement for a penis and proficiency. Thanks for playing, try again.

Guantanamo alumni

BRET BAIER: The man who is leading the Taliban resistance to U.S. Marines in Southern Afghanistan is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee. A senior Defense official confirms that Mullah Zakir was released from the prison in late 2007. So far American officials will not produce a photograph and will not say why he was freed after six years in custody.

Why is it that so many detainees freed from Guantanamo end up trying to kill us forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? Oh yeah, maybe because they are terrorists who believe that they have a mandate from GOD to kill infidels.

Silly liberals, sometimes people say what they mean.

07 July 2009


So you want the bad news or the worse news?

Bad news. Obamabots are beginning to clamor for another round of stimulus foolishness. The "It didn't work the first time, so lets do it again but HARDER!" mentality seems to apply to all things that don't work according to liberal ideology (not just gun control). Why do Liberals feel that they must try to reshape reality to fit their ideology instead of reshaping their ideology to fit reality? Isn't insanity doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result?

The worse news is that we haven't hit the economic bottom just yet. Remember all those "defaulting loans" that caused the credit crisis to begin with? Well those numbers may be only have been the beginning of the problem. The problem with Government "stimulus spending" when it comes to recessions is that it is always a case of "too little, too late" when dealing with recessions, and completely ineffective when it comes to a real depression.

The 1981-1982 recession topped out at 10.7% unemployment. Current BLS seasonally adjusted unemployment for June 2009 is 9.5%. The rise in unemployment is pretty steep, but it seems to be tracking the initial trend from the Great Depression. Remember that the Great Depression was a global experience, and the current "recession" is a global experience. The recession of 1981-82 was NOT a global experience so I do not believe that it is a valid model for predicting the course of current events.

If we are lucky the best case scenario for the US is the Japanese Lost Decade and the worst case scenario is another Great Depression. One thing is a virtual certainty, recovery always takes longer than the crash.

US unemployment since recording began until the present. What is interesting is that previous economic downturns since 1978 have a "squiggle" of recovery before the peak of the crisis and our crisis does not yet have a "squiggle".
Now I am not an economist, nor am I particularly skilled in statistical modeling outside of the biological sciences (and even then I'm a bit rusty), but I'd bet you a dollar that based on the graph above and the economic indicators available that unemployment tops 12% and government spending can't do a thing to stop it.

06 July 2009

Family Guy Politics

So I was wasting time on hulu.com catching up on some "Family Guy" and specifically the "Road To Germany" episode.

The real "Road To" movies starred Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, and the "Family Guy" spoofs normally send Brian and Stewie to someplace and have zany adventures.

What kinda pissed me off is when Mort, Brian, and Stewie steal the Nazi uniforms Stewie finds a "McCain - Palin" campaign button on the Nazi uniform.

I bet McFarland doesn't have the balls to place an "Obama - Biden" campaign button on the uniform of a Soviet officer in "The Road to Moscow".

Gotta love the public indoctrination, "Republicans are Nazis" and "only invade for oil" meme that seems to never get old. Family Guy is funny, but the insidious indoctrination is not funny, I hope Obama taxes MacFarland into the poor house.

05 July 2009


The rule of law means that law trumps personality.

Obama has shown his attitude towards the rule of law by firing an Inspector General without following the legalities put forth in the laws that he helped write and by ignoring contract law by ensuring that the UAW received money that it wasn't due.

The Organization of American States has even kicked Honduras out of the club for following it's own rules.

In response we have this: "It is better to pay this high price... than live undignified and bow the our heads to the demands of foreign governments," said Roberto Micheletti, named caretaker president by the Honduran Congress after Zelaya's ouster

That is respect for the rule of law. Doing what is right and hard instead of doing what is convenient and easy.

iPhone tether

With the 3.0 software update you don't have to jailbreak your iPhone to use it as an internet tether.

Setup is still a little complex, but that is ok. Internet access is faster than the WildBlue satellite service that my in-laws have.

03 July 2009

Article 88 of the UCMJ

“Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Transportation, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

I post this only because I posted the previous post noting the resemblance of Governor Gregoire and "The Crypt Keeper".

At the present time I am not on duty and not present in the State of Washington. I wonder if I'll have to delete that post before I head north and cross the Columbia in order to avoid possible prosecution?

Sarah Palin

There has been quite a bit of flack thrown at Sarah Palin by both Democrats and Republicans alike as well as the Mainstream Media.

Considering that the governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire resembles "The Crypt Keeper" it explains why Sarah Palin happens to end up still in the news cycle is because she is the best looking politician outside of the Italian Parliament.

Sarah Palin may not be the best Governor that Alaska has ever had but I'd trade her for Gregoire any day.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether the comparison is just or not....

Parting shot
of Sarah

01 July 2009

Supreme Court "makin s%$^ up as we go along"

The Supreme Court Ruled that public officials have immunity from violating the rights of Samantha Redding because Souter said the school officials who ordered or carried out the search were entitled to immunity from liability because of uncertainty over whether the right had been clearly established at that time.

Let me put this in a different scenario. If a policeman had acted without a warrant on a single source anonymous tip and conducted a strip search of a minor that policeman would not be immune from liability. If a US Soldier in a foreign country with a security agreement held and strip searched a 13 year old girl it would clearly and rightly be labeled as a "war crime".

So why do school officials get a free pass in terms of immunity? The right has been clearly established for other public servants, even as early as 2003.

Title 42, U.S.C., Section 14141Pattern and Practice
This civil statute was a provision within the Crime Control Act of 1994 and makes it unlawful for any governmental authority, or agent thereof, or any person acting on behalf of a governmental authority, to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct by law enforcement officers or by officials or employees of any governmental agency with responsibility for the administration of juvenile justice or the incarceration of juveniles that deprives persons of rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.Whenever the Attorney General has reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred, the Attorney General, for or in the name of the United States, may in a civil action obtain appropriate equitable and declaratory relief to eliminate the pattern or practice.Types of misconduct covered include, among other things:1. Excessive Force 2. Discriminatory Harassment3. False Arrest4. Coercive Sexual Conduct 5. Unlawful Stops, Searches, or Arrests

§ 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights
Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

I wonder what real reason is behind giving immunity to school officials?